Infographic – How To Pick A Startup Funding Strategy

What’s your startup funding strategy?  Bootstrapped? True Angel? Super Angel? Venture Capital?  There are a lot things to consider before deciding what funding strategy is right for you and your startup.


3 thoughts on “Infographic – How To Pick A Startup Funding Strategy

  1. I’m in search of a Investor, looking for the right one for me. I’m a start-up company, I’m looking for about 300,000 gs. I’m also hoping to get funding very soon don’t want to lose my ideal location. Not looking to go a bank route, to much “Red Tape” also I’m a S corp. Anyone have any ideas?
    Best Regards,
    Debbie Hansen

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for your message. You should try the Midwest Investment Network (, who have a large network of private investors and business angels across the US and worldwide.

      The first step is to register at After registering you will be able to submit your proposal, which we will then send out to our network of investors.

      Best wishes,


    • Hi Debbie,

      We’re always happy to have a look at new proposals and give an informed opinion, feel free to touch base and exchange emails through Twitter. We’re members of the UK and Irish networks, and are always happy to hear from people. @LuceyFund


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