Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News:  

  • Index Ventures Raises $442 Million in New Fund:
  • US-based Silicon Valley Bank sets aside €80m for Irish tech start-ups:
  • Investor and Pay Pal co-founder Peter Thiel starts Mithril Capital with a $402 million fund:
  • Connecticut appears to find itself in an unaccustomed place – too many angel investment dollars seeking too few deals:
  • Optus and SingTel have launched a seed funding program that will back up to 8 Australian start-ups with $250,000 each:

Business Plans & Pitching:

Fund Raising:

  • Painful truth on why venture capital firms reject startups. A VC tells entrepreneurs exactly why he won’t fund them:
  • Video – Kevin Rose on his new gig at Google Ventures, what he looks for in a startup founder, and more:
  • Study highlights entrepreneurs’ funding problems, offers solutions:
  • Angel Investor Tells Us 4 Questions That Founders Need To Ask Themselves Before Fundraising:
  • 10 VCs And Founders Give Their Best Advice For Raising Money:

Marketing & Social Media:

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurs Need to Brand Themselves First:
  • Infographic: Startup Genome analyzed 3,200 high-growth technology startups to answer this question: Why do startups fail?
  • 5 Practices Startups Should Borrow From Big Businesses:
  • Five Ways To Be A More Efficient Entrepreneur:
  • Behind The Launch is a 16-episode documentary that takes you behind the curtain of a young and ambitious startup:

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