Infographic – How To Craft A Killer Startup Investor Pitch

As a startup, your ability to get investors, and even reporters and consumers, excited about your idea is crucial to your success. Your ability to communicate what your startup does directly determines how people will respond to your business. If you’re at the beginning stages of promoting your startup, you’re in luck. The following infographic outlines not only the pillars of a great startup pitch, but also outlines the six steps you’ll need to take to craft that successful pitch!

Video – Mahesh Murthy on Fund Raising

One of India’s most successful college dropouts, Mahesh Murthy is a very well known face in the Indian VC fraternity (and otherwise). He is currently a managing partner at SeedFund and the founder of renowned marketing firm, Pinstorm and has held various creative positions at multinational companies such as HP, Microsoft and Pepsi to name a few. Here are some of Mahesh Murthy’s words of wisdom on the best ways to raise money, the thought process of a VC, when and when not to take VC money.

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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Pitching for early stage funding has become an important skill for entrepreneurs to get their heads around. Finweek looks at the perfect elevator pitch and the skills you need to leave a lasting impression on venture funders. ABN’s Samantha Loring speaks with Allon Raiz, CEO of Raizcorp, to discuss this and more.

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