Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Funding Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent seed-stage and angel deals from around the world:

  • Human Demand, a mobile ad startup targeting the long tail of app developers, has raised $900K Series A funding
  • Spanning Cloud Apps, creators of the data protection solution Spanning Backup for Google Apps, secures $6M Series B funding
  • Mumbai-based online payments company Citrus Payments Solutions raised $2M Series A funding from VC firm Sequoia Capital
  • AdzCentral, an ad-matching platform from Singapore, raises $3.2M Series A funding from Electric Sheep Capital & Digital Media Partners
  • WizeHive, a productivity tool that allows users to build and deploy online business applications, has closed a seed funding round
  •, a cloud-based platform for analyzing “big data” from the web, has raised £600,000 seed funding
  • Japanese group coupon buying site Luxa just closed its Series B funding of $5.3 million (500 million Yen) from JAFCO
  • Vidyard, a video marketing and analytics platform for businesses, has raised $6M in Series A funding
  • Indochino, the leader in custom online menswear, has raised $13M Series B financing
  • Red e App, a real-time mobile messaging platform for enterprises with a high proportion of mobile workers, closes $750k Series A funding
  • ClearFit, a company that uses automated software & algorithms to bubble up the top applicants for employers, gets $7M Series A funding
  • iStreamPlanet, a maker of live streaming video technology, has raised an undisclosed amount of Series A financing led by Intel Capital
  • Pingage, a startup that helps consumer brands boost results on Pinterest, closed an $850,000 seed round
  • PeopleLinx, the provider of the world’s first LinkedIn engagement and analytics software, has raised $3.2M Series A funding
  • Joyride, a developer of voice-activated mobile apps for drivers, has raised $1M in seed funding
  • OpenDNS, the domain-name-server-provider-turned-security-company, has raised an undisclosed second round of Series B funding
  • AssetTrackr, a Bangalore-based company providing personal vehicle tracking solutions, has secured $500,000 angel funding
  • SocialExpress, which offers small businesses & marketers online tools to generate custom social media reports, lands €250,000 seed funding
  • Bina Technologies, the genomic big data science platform accelerating personalized medicine, has closed $6.25M Series B funding
  • Minimally Invasive Devices, which offers tools to help surgeons achieve better results during laparoscopic procedures, raises $9M funding
  • WizeHive, a startup that provides a platform for businesses to create apps, has raised $1M seed funding
  • Centzy, a local search startup putting prices, store hours, ratings and specials for businesses online, gets $1.6M seed funding
  • Reputami, a tool for small businesses to analyze customer feedback on social media & location-based services, closes seed funding
  • ZeaKal, a San Diego-based plant science company spun out of Kapyon Ventures, has raised $3.8M Series A funding
  • Blume Distillation, a leading provider of appropriate-scale alcohol fuel (bioethanol) production equipment, lands $2.2M Series A funding

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Infographic – 8 Step Social Media Strategy

This infographic was inspired by Jay Baer’s “tool-agnostic” take on how to develop a social media strategy.

Here’s a quick 15 minute guide to India’s startup ecosystem

I came across an interesting report on Indian startups. It has a some good insights on Indian markets, opportunities and challenges etc. It also has a pretty neat comparison between India, China and USA.

Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

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The essential questions you must ask when starting a business – advice from GateMe innovator, Andre Nakkurt

Imperial College Business School graduate Andre Nakkurt and his primary school classmates have been working on GateMe for the past 18 months. The idea for GateMe began before Andre started his Master’s at the Business School, and it has grown steadily since he finished his course. Recently the team won the prestigious Seedcamp London and they’re very excited to join the Seedcamp family.

“GateMe is an innovative loyalty platform designed for nightlife industry professionals – club managers, event organisers, and promoters. We help them attract and retain more clubbers. We do this using state of the art software which we’ve made incredibly easy to use.”

Andre’s time at Imperial College Business School on the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme. greatly assisted the venture, as the group were able to use issues they were facing with GateMe at the time as practical challenges in the course work. The student team produced valuable research and actionable advice, and the findings were recently implemented by GateMe.

Given this success, we asked Andre his advice on the essential questions to ask before leaping into any venture, these were his top tips:

After identifying the major pain for a group of customers, look at the team first and foremost. Recognise which know-how is required to develop a minimum viable product and solve this major pain.

Our core team has eight members in total. We have a strong development group, which is spearheaded by an experienced Chief Technology Officer. The business development side benefits from experience in PwC and recently we brought a designer on board which completed the team. This means, that we can develop a quality product quickly and don’t need to rely on outsourcing.

Plan ahead and identify the go to market strategy. The team must understand how to get the product to the right customers once the Minimum Viable Product is tested and validated.

It’s important to get out there and speak to the prospective customers and any other people, who have experience in the relevant industry. This should happen from day one. Their feedback helps to identify whether the team is targeting the customer’s main problem. If not, the venture group must be flexible enough to recognise this and adjust accordingly.

Analyse whether the market is big enough to attract investors and return their targeted profits.

Institutional investors generally seek a return of 7 to 10 times their investment; angels slightly less. The venture should be attractive enough to attract seed investment and this needs to be considered from the start.

He also advises that these questions omit discussion of the idea itself, “because the idea may change throughout the venture”.

GateMe have ambitious plans over the next five years and their aim is to “produce the best software for the nightlife industry. We strive to be the go-to brand for nightclubs and clubbers alike”.

‘Bootstrapping’ your start up – top tips from successful business man Victor Higgs

The term bootstrapping refers to starting a business with limited resources. Sound familiar? Putting in the hard yards on your own and investing significant personal capital requires serious courage. Without external investors, the need to identify customers and engage them early is pivotal. Victor Higgs, founder of Applied Nanodetectors and member of the MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management advisory board did just that, and now provides his top tips for starting out on your own.

In 2004, Victor Higgs, founder and managing director of Applied Nanodetectors, witnessed a gap around issues faced by asthma patients in monitoring and improving their condition. He saw this as a unique opportunity to explore how technology could be used in the medical arena to manage and prevent the chronic illness which affects thousands of individuals each year.

It was a business built on many trials and errors, which Victor states has made the company more successful through its learning opportunities. They are currently looking at utilising mobile health to diagnose other chronic illnesses such as cancer, as well being available ‘off-the-shelf’.

Victor shares his top tips for starting up your own business

  1. Engage potential customers early on and find out their needs
  2. Think of a tangible solution early on and optimise it – keep developing instalments and fine tuning until it adds value.
  3. Test out an original concept quickly – the sooner it’s in the hands of customers and the more tangible it is, the more feedback you receive early on which makes the next version of the product/device/company more successful

This is a guest post by Victor Higgs, founder and managing director of Applied Nanodetectors Ltd; a technology company providing solutions for medical and environmental markets. He is also a guest lecturer on the Imperial College Business School MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management programme.

Video – Albert Wenger, Partner at Union Square Ventures, on technology, progress, and the power of networks

Infographic – Who works for a startup?

Here is a great infographic that attempts to illustrate the more common traits of people that work for startups.

Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Funding Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent seed-stage and angel deals from around the world:

  • LeadSift, whose software combs through Twitter and Facebook data to generate sales leads, has pulled in $1.13 million funding
  • Mention, the social media app that lets you track your brand, name or otherwise, has raised 600K€ seed funding
  •, a mobile app that connects volunteers with nonprofits and local brands, raised $500k in seed funding
  • iPawn, a leading lender of low-interest, asset-based, online loans, has closed $4M angel funding
  • Billaway, a fully customized and branded reward program for Fuel Oil Dealers, has netted $1.1 million funding
  • DeveloperAuction, a startup that lets venture-backed companies bid on top engineers in auctions, has closed $2.7M seed funding
  • Casual game developer Arkadium has accepted a $5M Series A investment from Edison Ventures
  • Shizzlr, a mobile application development company focused on private group sharing between friends, raises seed funding
  • Singapore restaurant booking site Chope raises $2.5M Series B funding
  • Indian Angel Network has invested in Nagpur-based RankJunction, a ranking platform for competitive exams
  • GreenLancer Energy, a company that outsources green technology & engineering improvements to freelancers, has secured $277,500 funding
  • Divshot, a drag-and-drop builder to make app building quicker and easier, raises $1.1M in seed funding
  • YaSabe, a local search engine for Hispanic consumers, has closed $2.7M seed funding
  • VendAsta, a provider of white label digital brand management solutions, has raised $8.25M Series B funding
  • SkoolShop, a Mumbai-based niche etailer of school and education-related products, has raised Series A funding
  • Delhi-based LocalCircles India Pvt Ltd, which runs a community-based social network, has landed angel funding
  • Finland and Singapore-based mobile games developer Nonstop Games has secured $2.9 million in seed funding
  • Rexter, a provider of a Professional Relationship Management (PRM) system, has raised more than $1.5m in seed funding
  • SoundSupply, a digital music discovery and marketplace company, raises seed funding led by Lightbank
  • PeopleLinx, the provider of the world’s first LinkedIn engagement and analytics software, has raised $3.2M Series A funding
  • Canva, an Australia-based startup that is aiming to disrupt the desktop design industry, has raised USD 3M in seed funding
  • Chalkfly, the downtown Detroit-based school supplies startup, has raised $750,000 in a Series AA round

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Infographic – Social Media Timing in the US

Understanding the science behind timing and its impact on social media marketing performance.