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Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Funding Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent seed-stage and angel deals from around the world: 

  • LevelEleven, a Detroit-based company focused on enterprise gamification and CRM technology, has completed its $1.5M seed financing
  •, a website that’s improving the used car buying process, has raised $850,000 in seed funding
  • Indian online financial services platform has secured $5M series B funding led by Inventus Capital Partners
  • PrePlay, whose mobile & tablet games enhance the experience of watching sports, reality, talent & award shows, lands $4.7M Series B funding
  • Mumbai-based Total Dental Care Pvt Ltd, which runs MyDentist brand of dental care chain, has raised Rs 50 crore Series B funding
  • OpenCoin has closed angel funding for the Ripple, a currency and payments system that makes it fast & easy to trade money in any currency
  • Teddle, a UK startup that lets you easily find and book a home cleaner, has closed £255,000 funding from angel investors
  • ZipDial, the company based in India that has turned missed calls into a business, has raised new funds from Jungle Ventures
  • LearnZillion, a platform for students, teachers & parents to access a video library of math & literacy lessons, gets $7M Series A funding
  • BuyReply, a new platform for e-commerce that allows consumers to purchase items from offline medium, has raised $1 million seed funding
  • FlightCar, a peer-to-peer airport car rental startup, has raised $5.5M Series A funding
  • Product review portal Reviews42, run by Delhi-based Solvy Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, has raised Series A funding
  • Fusebill, a leading provider of automated, flexible and affordable subscription billing & payment solutions, lands a $2M investment
  • Mumbai-based PICKmE eSolutions, which offers a doorstep service to get your gadgets repaired, has secured $500,000 angel funding
  • Bubbles, a web-based email platform that lets users create and send handwritten notes over email, picks up $100,000 angel funding
  • SocialFlow, the leading social media marketing company, has announced a $10 million Series B funding round
  • The RealReal, a leader in luxury online resale, has raised $14 million in Series B funding
  • The Hunt, the first community-driven online shopping experience that makes social media photos shoppable, lands seed financing
  • Idibon has closed $1.4M seed funding from Khosla Ventures to keep building out natural-language-processing software
  • Larky, the world’s largest platform of member benefits, perks and discounts, has raised a seed round of $650,000
  • Nosto, which increases online store revenues by delivering customers a personalized shopping experience, closes $2.8M seed funding
  •, which develops virtual fitting room solutions for online clothing retailers, has closed €5.5M Series A funding
  • BodeTree, an online service that helps small business owners better understand their finances, has raised $1.4M seed funding
  • Nitrous.IO, Action.IO’s software development platform and key product, just got $1 million seed funding from a handful of VC firms
  • Walkbase, a next generation analytics and actionable metrics for retail, has received seed funding from two Russian investors
  • EQuala, a social radio app where you can play your friends’ music with the touch of a button, has raised seed funding

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Infographic – Social Media Is Not Only For Marketing Your Business

Today it’s not enough for small businesses to solely use social media for their immediate marketing needs.  They need to sew it through the fabric of their entire business strategies – from customer service to collecting and prioritizing ideas – in order to derive the most value.

This infographic from Get Satisfaction shows how small businesses can go beyond just marketing by using well-set social media channels to respond immediately, 24/7, to customer concerns while projecting a more personal approach to customer service.

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Infographic – 26 Ideas For Split Testing Your Search Ads

The right way to test PPC ads it to test.  The folks at Avalaunch Media have created an infographic to get you inspired about mixing and matching your ad elements to concoct the winning formula for your PPC ads.

Angel Investment 2012 Year in Review – The Halo Report

CB Insights just released their year-end 2012 Halo Report in conjunction with Silicon Valley Bank and the Angel Resource Institute.  The full 33-page report recaps the entire year of 2012, including quarterly trends as well as annual comparisons versus years prior.

To download the entire 33 page 2012 year-end Halo Report, login here. The underlying angel investment data is also available and proprietary to CB Insights. (note: report and data are only available to subscribers)

Highlights of the 2012 angel investing report include:

  • Median Deal Size Shrinks in 2012: medial deal size among angel groups and their syndicates falls to $600k in 2012, down from $625k in 2011.  In good news, however, median deal size reaches a five-quarter high in Q4 at $690k.
  • Early Stage Valuations Hold Their Ground: amidst all the recent talk of an early stage bubble, angel investors remain unphased as pre-money valuations hold steady with those of 2011 at $2.5M.
  • California Loses Investment Share in 2012: while California still remains the top destination for angel group investment in 2012, it loses significant share to various regions including New York, New England, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Northwest.
  • Mobile Dials Up, Healthcare Slows Pulse: Mobile more than doubles its share of investment dollars in 2012.  Healthcare loses significant share in terms of deals and dollars slipping to the #2 spot behind Internet as a destination for angel investment.
  • A New Face Atop the Leaderboard: New York Angels skyrocket up the charts to become the most active angel group in 2012.  Tech Coast Angels slips to the two-spot.

Infographic for E-tailers – Tips, Trends, and Reasons E-Commerce is About to Boom

This following infographic takes a look at some of the trends, tips, and tricks that are shaping the new face of e-commerce.


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