Video – Tips for Pitching Your Product to a Venture Capitalist

Peter Liu of New World Ventures describes tips for pitching your product and how to get noticed by a venture capitalist.

Infographic – Investor Pitch Archetypes

Investor Pitch Archetypes

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Infographic – 6 Insider Secrets To Creating Contagious Content

Infographic – How To Choose A Great Domain Name

The website is the most important part of most company’s brand – it’s where they gather leads, display their company’s products/services, introduce the team, and hopefully convert customers.   First impressions are obviously incredibly important, and a website is often the first way (and in a lot of cases the only way) that a potential customer will make a judgement on your company.  And this all starts with your domain name…

Infographic – 25 Customer Service Skills Every Company Should Have

Infographic – CEOs Are Getting Younger

The average age of CEOs has declined over the years, from 59 years old in 1980 to 56 years old in 2013.