Top 20 Reasons Startups Fail based on an Analysis of 32 Startup Failure Post-Mortems

We hope this list will come in handy on your startup journey and help you to avoid some of the pitfalls that brought down other startups.

Have you been part of a failed startup.  If so, what were the main reasons that it didn’t make it?

Infographic – Beginner’s Guide For How To Start A Startup

Infographic – 13 business secrets from Albert Einstein

Infographic – The importance of online customer retention

41% of online purchases are made by repeat customers, which shows how important it is for web businesses to do all they can to hang onto their existing client base.


Infographic – Team personality types and how to harness them

Mindjet has compiled this fun infographic that outlines the different personality types and how each of them contribute to the success of any team.

Which personality type are you?  And do any of these profiles fit other members of your team?

Infographic – Are You An Entrepreneur?

This fun infographic is pretty much a flowchart that helps you determine if you’re a natural entrepreneur, a budding entrepreneur with a lot of potential, or merely are a good team player or have leadership qualities but not really cut out to be an entrepreneur.

Infographic – Inside the Mind of a Startup Entrepreneur

Startup Entrpreneurs

Infographic – Why do so many start-ups fail?

Building a successful business is every entrepreneur’s goal – but only 1 in 12 succeed. Why do startups fail? The Startup Genome project analyzed data from 3,200 companies and came up with some answers.

At the core of any successful business are two things: a good product and a large market for that product. In other words, a startup should be able to scale. And to scale properly, it must balance the growth of five core dimensions: customers, product, team, business model, and funding.

The dominant reason for failure: premature scaling of one or more of those dimensions. View the infographic for more!


Infographic – Tech giants and their overflowing cash coffers

Collectively, the top five tech companies – Apple, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Cisco – have a cash surplus of $333 billion. This infographic from WhoIsHostingThis takes a look at some of the ways that money could be spent.

Infographic – 10 Rules To A Great Startup Idea

If you can check off the items below, you have a much higher chance of your startup being successful.