Infographic – 8 Startup Pivots That Changed The World

Here are 8 companies that successfully switched focus and went on to become some of the most powerful operations in the world!

Can you think of any other famous companies that pivoted and ended up doing something very different from their original plan?

8 CEOs Who Became Self-Made Millionaires Before Turning 30

Here is some inspiration for all you fellow entrepreneurs and startups founders out there.  This infographic shows eight CEOs who made their fortunes before reaching the ripe old age of 30.

Hopefully it’s not too long until we all join them!

Infographic – 20 Motivational Quotes from Legendary Entrepreneurs, Leaders and Visionaries

This infographic gives 20 quick shots of inspiration and motivation:


Infographic – 10 Largest Billion Dollar Acquisitions in Tech

Every tech startup dreams of being the next billion dollar acquisition success story. This infographic shows the largest billion dollar acquisitions of all time in the tech space.


Infographic – How Entrepreneurs Think

This infographic lays out a “line of thinking” map that can help remind you what to always remember, what to learn to think, what to never think, and what you should just unlearn from school.

Infographic – The Reality of a Successful Startup

Some startups are becoming the world’s most valuable companies, but how companies ensure they succeed rather than becoming part of the failed startup crowd?  Here’s a look at startups’ broader economic impact and the healthy growth rate needed to make it part the 5-year mark.

Infographic – Do you have what it takes to be a CEO?

Check out what this infographic that shows the results of a survey on the characteristics and education of the country’s most powerful CEOs.  Do you have what it takes to be the big boss?

Infographic – 7 Tips For Creating A Great Place To Work

The most important things employees are looking for in a great workplace aren’t big salaries and lots of vacation time; they’re looking for other long-term benefits in the workplace, like flexibility, development opportunities, and recognition for their work.

What do you do to make your workplace better for your employees?  Or if you work at a startup, what changes would you like to see in your office?

Infographic – Does the UK inspire fast-growth businesses?

Creating a fast growth business isn’t easy. It takes an innovative idea backed up by great execution from the right entrepreneurs and the right team. Does the UK inspire this kind of innovation? With 4.9 million private businesses vying for attention, sales and growth in the country, it looks like it does. But what do you think?