Infographic: The Startup Ecosystem – Predator vs. Prey. If Startups Were Fish, What Kind Would You Be?

If you have ever worked in a startup before, you will get a huge laugh at some of these different fish and how they’re described in the startup fish ecosystem. Some of my favorites include:

  • Tech Blogger, prey includes venture capitalists, founders, and CEO’s. It’s predators: Apple. – Hilarious since we do cover quite a bit of tech news ourselves, I have seen news sites and tech bloggers take down some of the biggest companies and their products with bad reviews or snarky commentary, so this one is completely on point.
  • Angel Investors are dolphins, Venture Capitalists are sharks – Pretty funny, and somewhat true. Angel investors tend to be nicer and closer to the product when investing in ideas founders come up with, while VC’s tend to be a tad bit more brutal and are mostly in it for the returns when the company exits.
  • The eco system includes the Attention-Deprived Significant Other, portrayed by an angler fish – For those who don’t know, female angler fish and male angler fish mate and then the male dies. Slightly gender bias, but hilarious none the less.