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Infographic – Startup Funding By The Numbers

In many cases, money is a key fertilizer for startup growth. Many startups, and many more small businesses, fund themselves through traditional bank loans. Others exchange portions of their companies for an influx of cash.

Startup funding, known for its high-risk, high-reward nature, is an interesting game to keep track of — and there are entire publications dedicated solely to doing just that. But it can also be hard for outsiders to put it into perspective or understand the insider jargon. The infographic below takes a broad look at the numbers and lingo behind startup funding.


Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Funding Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent seed-stage and angel deals from around the world:  

  • Bangalore’s web and search analytics firm Unbxd has received an undisclosed amount of funds from Indian Angel Network
  • CANDDi, a digital start-up firm that analyses website traffic to help turn visitors into customers, has secured a £370,000 investment
  • Catavolt, a developer of mobile application technology for enterprise customers, has raised $1.5M Series A financing
  • Zumper, an apartment rental listing website that matches landlords with prospective tenants, has closed $1 million seed funding
  •, a ticketing marketplace which emphasizes social tools to drive sales, has just secured $1M funding
  • HubCast, which offers the ability to print and deliver marketing & presentation materials worldwide, has raised $4.3M Series B funding
  • Zynstra Limited, a UK-based company in the hybrid cloud space, has raised $2.4M angel funding
  • London-based cab price comparison and booking startup Kabbee has raised $3.25 million funding
  • Bottlenose, which helps you track news and trends across social networks, pulls in $1M in funding
  • Kindling, which develops idea management and innovation collaboration software for organizations, raises $2.3M Series B funding
  • Rap Genius, a site that lets people crowdsource explanations to song lyrics and other kinds of text, lands $15 million VC funding
  • Libboo, an online publishing and book discovery start-up, has closed a $1.1 million seed funding round
  •, a Tuscaloosa-based internet referral service for homeowners and contractors, has received seed funding
  • PrettySecrets, India’s leading online lingerie store, has received an undisclosed amount of angel funding

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Fulcrum Venture exits Casa Grande – the investment firm’s first exit from a company in its portfolio

Venture capital firm Fulcrum Venture India has earned 10 times what it had invested in Chennai-based real estate developer Casa Grande Pvt. Ltd by making its first exit from a company in its portfolio.

The company had invested Rs.5 crore in Casa Grande in fiscal year 2004 for a 50% stake. The management of Casa Grande has bought back the stake for about Rs.50 crore. The sale fetched the investor an internal rate of return of 54.5%.

“Since our investment, Casa Grande has developed over 1.5 million sq. ft. of land and has achieved sales of Rs.94 crore. These achievements have created a profitable and timely exit for Fulcrum Venture India,” said founder partner Krishna Ramanathan.

Casa Grande has a built-up pipeline of about Rs.750 crore of projects, which will be executed in the next two-and-a-half years, he said.

Fulcrum has been focusing on early stage investing since its inception in 2000 in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, niche retail, consumer durables, education and information technology. Its portfolio firms include CMYK Health Boutique Pvt. LtdCuratio Healthcare Pvt. Ltd and SwaaS Systems.

“We are considering raising a third-party fund. We will gauge interest of limited partners (LPs, or investors in investment funds). We want to build a robust portfolio before we enter the market for raising capital,” said Ramanathan.

For more info about the Fulcrum Venture India fund please email:

Infographic – Angel Investor Basics

This infographic will show you what you need to know about Angel Investor basics.


  • Who are angel investors
  • How to find them
  • What do you do to prepare for a meeting with investors
  • A minute by minute pitch guide
  • What to expect in the follow-up
  • And more!


The battle of trading robots -The Automated Trading Championship 2012

After every championship is over, the question among the traders is “what next”. At last it is again taking place and October 1, 2012 held the sixth Automated Trading Championship where there will be representatives of 59 countries that will participate. This Championship will be held from October 1st to December 28th in the year 2012 and the main aim of this entire program is to optimize automated trading and the mlq5 trading language. During these 3 months, you’ll get the opportunity to see how different trading systems can perform in different market conditions. You can also choose the best trading option among the lot and the trading techniques that are effective.

General provisions of the Automated Trading championship, 2012

Metaquotes Software Corp Company is serving as the main organizer of the Trading Championship and there are some other sponsors associated with the championship too. Alpari is the main sponsor, United World Capital Ltd. is the golden sponsor and RoboForexLP is the silver sponsor of the Automated Trading Championship 2012.bThe registration for this championship has begun on 4th Jun, 2012 and has closed on 21st September, 2012. The total prize money will consist of $80,000 where the winner will get $40,000, the second runner up will get $25,000 and the third runner up will get $15,000. The operations of the participants will be done with ‘virtual’ money and participation in the Championship is actually free.

Participant’s details

Have a look at the details of the participants of the Automated Trading championship of 2012.

  • Anyone who has crossed 16 years of age can participate in the Championship irrespective of his gender, professional affiliation and citizenship.
  • Former and present employees of the organizations that are sponsoring like Alpari and their family members are restricted from participating.
  • Registration is mandatory for anyone to participate in the Championship.
  • The participants are required to register once only. If it is found out that someone registers his friends and relatives, he will be disqualified.
  • Using anonymous proxies to make multiple registrations will also not be entertained and the person will immediately be disqualified.
  • The participant should also agree to offer correct and valid information about him and anyone who is found lying will be soon disqualified.
  • Someone who participates in the Championship will demonstrate a full agreement with the terms and conditions without any kind of exceptions.

The traders are all waiting for the result and the consequences of the Automated Trading Championship, 2012.

New Data on Venture Capital Returns: Exits Are Indeed Improving

Correlation Ventures, a new analytics-driven venture firm, just came out with some interesting data on US venture capital returns over the past decade.

Instead of taking a “birth” vintage approach to returns, which is the way venture fund vintages and most benchmarking analyses tend to cut the data, Correlation Ventures’ team has chosen to look at all the realized exits and their returns in any given year.  This data is based on financings (e.g., Series A and B rounds in the same company are two data points), and includes all prior financings into companies that went out of business, got sold, or got public (IPO) in that year. They are also dollar-weighted (e.g., for the top decile, or 90th percentile, 10% of all the dollar’s invested in financings of companies that exited in that year were above the realized multiple). Since 2003, each year represents 500-700 exits and over 2000 financings – so it’s a very robust dataset.

Three observations worth calling out from this – though all are obvious from the chart:

First, top decile venture financings yield attractive return multiples.  A top 10% outcome has delivered above ~4x over the last 5 years, aggregating all sectors of venture capital. For a sense of proportion, this represents the top 200 or so financings into companies that exited that year (ranging between 50-100 exited companies per year). This is very much in line with data Bijan Salehizadeh and I published in Nature Biotech last year: top decile outcome was roughly 4x for exited companies first invested in during the last decade (with a slight edge to Life Science vs Technology top decile deals). Although not in the chart above, Correlation’s database estimates Top 1% of financings (5-10 top exits per year) have been in the 15x range for the past five years; these are much more likely to be Technology deals. This also implies that the ‘halo’ lottery-ticket deals in the 100x+ range are in the Top 0.25% or less (top 1-2 deals out of 700+ exits in any given year). Its hard to base an investing strategy on being in the top 0.25% of anything. This is similar to data flying around Twitter earlier this month (here).

Second, venture-backed exits have been getting better over the decade.  This is obviously good news for those of us in venture and in the startup ecosystem.  Returns have rather steadily moved upward across the 2000s, with a minor correction in the 2008-2009 timeframe.  Top decile returns nearly reached 5x in 2011, and the average exit is now above 2x.  This trend clearly bodes well for venture capital.

Third, the big albatross on returns has been the post-bubble crisis.  The horrific average and top decile returns in the exit vintages of 2001-2003 represent lots of the companies that got flushed out when the bubble burst.  Many of these raised capital at the high equity valuations and when the lofty markets collapsed, they fell to the ground hard.  But lots of companies from that vintage survived, albeit wounded, and many entrepreneurs and their venture backers spent much of the decade trying to recoup their equity values for their LP’s.  Part of the positive trend in the chart above is that companies born in those challenging bubble years have been exiting and now represent a smaller proportion of the exit universe.

Given how little transparency there is on venture capital returns, its nice to see some additional data on the topic – so thanks to Correlation Ventures for letting me share this material.

For those that don’t know them, Correlation has a unique data-rich investment approach: applying predictive analytics to the likelihood of a deal being successful, and using that knowledge to inform rapid co-investment decisions around new financings.  They’ve built a robust database to support these analytics, and have made ~30 investments to date across a range of sectors.  Definitely worth checking them out.  I’m working with them on some additional analyses that should shed more light on sector return profiles and other topics.  More to come.

This article by Bruce Booth was originally published at

Are you at an edge by trading the forex market online?

In the past, online forex trading was only restrained to the big banks and the large financial institutions. But now with the widespread use of the internet and the birth of the brokerage firms, online brokers and government agencies, we the laymen can also get access to the online trading options. The internet has blessed everyone and has given them chances to reap the multiple benefits of online forex trading. If you’re someone who is new to the forex market and you want to gain information on online forex trading you can visit website and also go through the concerns of this article. Check out the benefits of online forex trading.

  • The ease of trading online: Someone who is new to the forex trading market needs to understand the details of the trade so that he can take the best decisions while trading. If he starts off with online forex trading, it is most likely that you can learn the details and also start trading currencies with ease. With easy and immediate access to information, learning will become easier.
  • Accessible from anywhere: Unlike the stock market and the mutual funds market, you can access the stock market from anywhere. With the internet, you can sit in any place in the world and carry on trading with the currencies. This means that you can even trade the market when you’re in a vacation to some other place.
  • Opening a demo account will be easier: If you opt for online forex trading, opening a demo account to start off with the trade will be much easier. You just have to select a website of a broker who offers demo account opening services. Everything that is needed to complete this process, starting from filling out the registration form to receiving the user details can be done online. This makes the entire process simpler for a novice.
  • No bulls and bears: The market often falls and rises and making profits through such market fluctuations is also a big challenge. Anyone who is trading the forex market online is certainly lucky because this is the only market that eliminates bulls and bears. You can make profits in almost all market conditions.
  • No advertising costs needed: If you plan to make forex trading your regular source of revenue, you can be thankful because you won’t need any kind of advertising costs to promote your business. You just need a bit of cash to hold an account and be able to trade the market through it.

So, when you’re interested in investing your dollars, ensure choosing the forex market. Trade online and reap the above mentioned benefits.