Video – Bill Reichert: The Art of Angel Investing

There’s a lot of common wisdom regarding what it takes to be a successful investor. But most of that common wisdom is wrong when it comes to angel investing. Investing in startups is very different than picking stocks, & you better know the difference before you jump onto the angel cloud. In this presentation, Bill Reichert discusses the Top Ten Myths of Angel Investing.

Infographic – How to Effectively Build Your Brand Online

This infographic, originally published by, shows some very valuable tips on building your brand online. They include tips like “custom tailoring your message,” “standing out in the marketplace,” “utilizing social media,” and so much more. It’s not going to be a walk in the park but it is certainly obtainable and should be the goal of any small business.

Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Funding Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent seed-stage and angel deals from around the world:  

  • Trademob, the leading data-driven mobile app marketing platform, lands a $15 million Series B investment led by Kennet Partners
  • Nuzzel, which collects the most-shared links in your Facebook & Twitter feeds and presents them in a clean format, gets $1.7M seed funding
  • Cubie Messenger, a mobile messaging app that lets you create and share drawings, photos, video & voice messages, lands $1.1M seed funding
  • Limeade, a leading enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) wellness company, has secured $5 million in Series B financing from TVC Capital
  • MarkITx, a transparent marketplace for buyers, sellers and wholesalers of secondary IT equipment, has raised $1.06 million in angel funding
  •, a social video commentary platform, has secured $850,000 in seed funding
  • Tareasplus, a startup that has delivered more than 5 million video lessons to students throughout Latin America, lands $1.8M seed funding
  • LoveByte, a Singapore-based developer of a mobile app for couples, has closed a six figure seed funding
  • Moveline, a New York City-based marketplace for moving people, has raised $1.5m in seed funding
  • NodeFly, a company focusing on providing application performance management, just landed $800,000 in seed funding
  • Blackford Analysis, an Edinburgh, Scotland-based developer of software for the medical sector, has raised £800k in seed funding
  • VerbalizeIt, which delivers real-time phone, Skype and browser-based access to human translators, has raised $1.5M funding
  • Data-driven weight loss company Retrofit lands $8M Series A funding led by Silicon Valley-based VC firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson
  • DogVacay, the online marketplace which lets pet owners connect with others to find dog boarding, has raised $6M Series A funding
  • Risk I/O, the first vulnerability intelligence platform, has closed $5.25 million Series A funding led by U.S. Venture Partners
  • E-mail marketing startup OutboundEngine has raised $1.6 million to expand its software development and marketing efforts
  • SocialWire, a personalized and social advertising platform built on top of Facebook Open Graph, gets $2 million in seed capital
  • Amicus, which empowers cause-driven organizations to leverage the social networks of their supporters, pulls in $3.2 million funding
  • Percolate, a startup that builds software to help brands create content for social media, closes $9 million series A financing
  • Origami Logic, a visual marketing analytics platform to help marketers gain insight from siloed data, raises $9.3 Million Series A funding
  • Captive Media has secured $700,000 seed funding to launch pee-controlled video games in public restrooms (yes, seriously!!)

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Infographic – The Shift in Small Business Behavior

This infographic from Manta provides insight into the importance of networking online for small business owners. Not only are small business owners gaining customers online, they are also connecting with other businesses, and establishing themselves as industry experts. The power of online networking has proven itself  a vital part of small business behavior.

Infographic A Matter of Time and What it means to Small Business Owners

Time is a precious commodity to the small business owner who typically finds themselves juggling multiple roles simultaneously. Mavenlink created the Infographic A Matter of Time to illustrate exactly what it means to small business owners.

Of those surveyed 25% said the price of one extra hour to the working day is worth more than $500. Mavenlink also offers recommendations for the management of the precious commodity business owners can’t get enough of.

Stanford Grads Still Get More VC And Angel Funding Than Anyone Else

CB Insights recently released it’s first ever University Entrepreneurship Report, tracking the alumni entrepreneurship activity of six top universities (Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, NYU, U Penn, and MIT).

Stanford was dominant in both of the number of deals and amount of cash raised. This chart excludes Facebook, which adds an extra $2 billion to Harvard’s numbers:

As for the number of deals, Harvard is catching up rapidly:

Also interesting, Stanford and Berkeley grads stay in California, and NYU grads in New York, but Harvard grads flock out of Massachusetts and Penn grads tend to leave Pennsylvania:

Find the full report here.

Infographic – Business confidence among SMEs is high for the next year

SMEs in the UK, US, Germany, France, Spain and the Netherlands were, overall, confident of a successful year ahead for their businesses. The infographic revealed that 48% of SMEs felt confident, as opposed to 27% who were inclined to be more pessimistic.

High percentages – 75% – were hopeful about their businesses not making any redundancies in the forthcoming year. There was a similar positive feeling about recruitment also.

Around a third of SMEs admitted to losing sleep because of worrying about financial issues. But, a similar percentage saw the difficult financial times as a reason to work harder and to become more efficient – and so consequently enable a better chance of future success.

There were big differences, as regards the confidence of SMEs in individual countries. 61% of Dutch SMEs were confident about the next year, but only 28% of Spanish SMEs were. French SMEs optimism was also low, on 35%. Germany, the US, and UK joined the Netherlands in being confident about the next twelve months. In Germany, 59% felt positive, and 55% in the US, and 47% in the UK were also optimistic.

The research, by Hiscox business insurance, showed that Spanish SMEs were also generally worried about issues such as personal bankruptcy and increased stress levels. Germany (58%) and the US (50%) had recorded increased profits, with 54% of British SMEs being happy with the progress of their business.