Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Funding Roundup

Here’s a roundup of some of the recent seed-stage and angel deals from around the world:

  • LeadSift, whose software combs through Twitter and Facebook data to generate sales leads, has pulled in $1.13 million funding
  • Mention, the social media app that lets you track your brand, name or otherwise, has raised 600K€ seed funding
  •, a mobile app that connects volunteers with nonprofits and local brands, raised $500k in seed funding
  • iPawn, a leading lender of low-interest, asset-based, online loans, has closed $4M angel funding
  • Billaway, a fully customized and branded reward program for Fuel Oil Dealers, has netted $1.1 million funding
  • DeveloperAuction, a startup that lets venture-backed companies bid on top engineers in auctions, has closed $2.7M seed funding
  • Casual game developer Arkadium has accepted a $5M Series A investment from Edison Ventures
  • Shizzlr, a mobile application development company focused on private group sharing between friends, raises seed funding
  • Singapore restaurant booking site Chope raises $2.5M Series B funding
  • Indian Angel Network has invested in Nagpur-based RankJunction, a ranking platform for competitive exams
  • GreenLancer Energy, a company that outsources green technology & engineering improvements to freelancers, has secured $277,500 funding
  • Divshot, a drag-and-drop builder to make app building quicker and easier, raises $1.1M in seed funding
  • YaSabe, a local search engine for Hispanic consumers, has closed $2.7M seed funding
  • VendAsta, a provider of white label digital brand management solutions, has raised $8.25M Series B funding
  • SkoolShop, a Mumbai-based niche etailer of school and education-related products, has raised Series A funding
  • Delhi-based LocalCircles India Pvt Ltd, which runs a community-based social network, has landed angel funding
  • Finland and Singapore-based mobile games developer Nonstop Games has secured $2.9 million in seed funding
  • Rexter, a provider of a Professional Relationship Management (PRM) system, has raised more than $1.5m in seed funding
  • SoundSupply, a digital music discovery and marketplace company, raises seed funding led by Lightbank
  • PeopleLinx, the provider of the world’s first LinkedIn engagement and analytics software, has raised $3.2M Series A funding
  • Canva, an Australia-based startup that is aiming to disrupt the desktop design industry, has raised USD 3M in seed funding
  • Chalkfly, the downtown Detroit-based school supplies startup, has raised $750,000 in a Series AA round

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