Infographic – Entrepreneur Survey conducted by Entrepreneur Country in partnership with Dell

This infographic shows the results of an entrepreneur survey that asked some great questions, including:
• What do you wish you’d known more about when you started your business? How did you generate funding for your business?
• What posed the greatest challenge or obstacle in starting up?
• What was the strongest motivation for you to start your own business?
• Which social media channels could your business not live without
• Which technology trends do you expect to really take off in 2013?
• Which business trends do you expect most to come to the fore in 2013?
• Which British entrepreneur most inspires you?

If this was your survey, which other questions would you have asked?

Which industries are our UK based angel investors interested in?

Last year 1,240 angel investors registered with our UK website (, and this infographic shows which industry sectors those investors are interested in. Unsurprisingly “internet, ecommerce and apps” was the runaway winner with a total of 1,129 investors looking for opportunities in this sector (which means a whopping 91% of the angels who registered in 2012 were interested in web businesses).