8 great ways to drive traffic to your website for free

1. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the process that helps you in improving your search engine ranking to drive increased traffic to your site. You need to add good content to your website because content is king in SEO.  Having chosen the keywords you wish to be found on in search engines, scatter them throughout the content of your pages. This increases the relevancy of your site and thus the ranking in the various search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN.  Keywords are most powerful when they are placed in titles, headers, urls, and image names.

2. Submit an Online Press Release:

Issuing press releases online is one of the best ways that exists to spread the word about your business for absolutely free.  Take some time and put together an interesting piece and forward it to the many online press release companies. A good story quite often gets picked up by bigger news agencies and publications, so your business can get really good coverage – you could be amazed at the results.

3. Article Writing

Website owners and email publishers are often looking for original content. By writing industry specific articles, not only do you get the reputation of an expert, but you also get great exposure. Always include a link back to your web site in the article. Articles written for specific websites that your target audience views can be highly effective.

4. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is a great way of engaging your existing audience as well as attracting new customers. Using free software from WordPress (www.WordPress.com), Blogger (www.Blogger.com) or other companies, you can develop and publish a simple blog in just a few hours. When you publish a great post, you’ll not only get your name out there and get a nice SEO benefit, you’ll also drive interest to your business to learn more about where all your awesome ideas came from.

5. Social Media

Social media is a great way of engaging your existing audience as well as attracting new customers. Rather than merely selling to your customers, social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc) allows you to communicate with them and opens the door for them to communicate with you. The more relationships with people interested in your niche, the more sales you’ll inevitably make. Your website should be linked to your social networking sites and vice-versa.

6. Participate in Forums

Online forums are used and viewed by hundreds of people, so keep an eye out for forum posts based around your industry. Participate in these forums through making relevant posts, giving advice and answering questions. Wherever possible add your web address to the end of your post. The more you participate and share your experience, the more people gain trust and go to you for questions.

7. Launch an Affiliate Programme

Offer rewards (financial or other) to existing users or companies in a similar space who refer new members to your site.

8. Cross Promotion:

Find non-competing companies in your industry and suggest doing reciprocal mailouts or adding links on your websites to drive traffic both ways.  However, make sure it’s a service or product your clients will be genuinely interested in or they’ll just think it’s spam.  Also, be careful not to send too many mailouts or you’ll start to irritate your members. For links, avoid link farms and link exchanges with non-relevant sites.

We always welcome your comments? Which marketing techniques been particularly successful for your business?

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