8 reasons why someone leave your website – an infographic

Ever wondered why someone is leaving your website?  These are 8 common reasons why this is happening. I would certainly could not agree more, however, if i had to rank in terms of importance i would set as ” Boring Content ” being the first reason web users abandon a website. Why should i waste my time on a website that has irrelevant to my taste content or does not help me learn anything new?

Internet is all about photos and sexy web design (at least nowadays) however, great content is irreplaceable. Do not fall into the great design and first impression trap, it is impossible to create a loyal customer or user base solely on design and graphics, unless, you offer them for free to everyone. Craigslist is probably the ugliest web site on earth (at least one of the ugliest ) but the most successful classifieds services available. The reason? Because people find exactly what they want.