Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News 

  • Business Angels: 4 ways to increase investment success:
  • Aussie tech entrepreneur to launch Startup House:
  • The top-three pet hates of Australian investors and business angels:
  • 8 reasons why Sweden is a great country for web startups:
  • Irish printer firm attracts angel funds:

Business Plans & Pitching

  • 10 Things to Include in Your Startup Pitch Presentation:
  • Startups Without Financial Projections are Doomed:

Fund Raising

  • 9 Steps to Consider When Valuing Your Startup:
  • 5 Tips for Raising Angel Financing:
  • The Advantages & Disadvantages of Angel Funding:
  • The 4 Key Motivations of Angel Investors that You Need to Know:
  • Angel or Venture Capital Funds? Which is Better?
  • Ten Tips For Finding And Working With Angel Investors:

Marketing & Social Media

  • 4 Winning Online Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today:
  • How to create a social media plan in 4 beefy steps:

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

  • Five Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Athletes:
  • Ten Steps to Build Real Startup Team Engagement:
  • Five to Follow on Twitter for Raising Capital:
  • Angel Investors Outshine VCs For Entrepreneurs:
  • 30 entrepreneurs under 30. This list of entrepreneurs includes both 2011 honorees and a new crop of nominees:
  • The Naughty Entrepreneur Checklist: 40 Reasons Why You Are Not Seeing Results:

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