Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News

  • Venture capital report: financing trends continue to improve:
  • The state of early-stage funding in Australia:
  • Both China & the US have a “good environment” for entrepreneurs, according to Kaifu Lee, founder of Innovation Works:
  • New Zealand angels flying high, but more needed – venture fund chief:
  • StartUp Britain was launched, a scheme offering support & resources for startups or businesses looking to grow:
  • UK must do more to encourage start-up angels:
  • SPRING Singapore invested S$20m in 69 startups last year:

Business Plans & Pitching

  • Investor Pitch on a Napkin – The 7Ps of Elevator Presentations:
  • How to write a Business Plan of Success which guarantees the anticipated positive results:
  • Some quick tips on how to give the perfect investor pitch:
  • The 7 Sections Of A Business Plan:

Fund Raising

  • Some key areas that can be critical for companies to receive funding:
  • Finding Investors in your Start-Up. Tips from Richard Branson:
  • Raising Venture Money – 10 tips for success:
  • 50 Quick Tips on Raising Angel Funding – Part 1:
  • How to Find an Angel Investor for your Startup:

Marketing & Social Media

  • 2011 social media statistics show huge growth:
  • Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media:
  • 7 Reasons Why A Blog Is The Most Valuable Investment for Startups:
  • First Lesson in Search Engine Optimization:
  • A Business Marketing Strategy to Increase Business Profits:
  • The 5 Step Marketing Plan for Business Success:
  • Advertising on a Budget:
  • 10 Easy Ways to get Amazing PR for your startup: http: //

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

  • Traits of a Modern Entrepreneur:
  • Sage Advice: 7 Entrepreneurs Share Their Words of Wisdom:
  • Why is it that so many good startup ideas never take off?
  • Why Startup Companies Shouldn’t Listen to Talk About the Recession and Charge Ahead:
  • 5 Key Bootstrapping Strategies:

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