Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News

  • Irish Dragons Den star launches Angel Network initiative:
  • Illinois state investment tax credit garners interest, but no takers so far:
  • Startup America panel: Firms need capital, smarter regulations:
  • Why immigrant entrepreneurs are leaving the U.S.
  • India Makes Exits Easier for Foreign Investors:

Business Plans & Pitching

  • Ten Ways to Optimize Your Investor Pitch Time:
  • 10 Business Plan Dos and Don’ts:
  • How to Perfect Your Venture Capital “Elevator Pitch”:
  • What Lenders and Angel Investors Look for in a Business Plan:
  • How to refine your elevator pitch:
  • Creating an Early Stage Pitch Deck:

Fund Raising

  • Business Angels – An Ingenious Way to Boost a Business Idea:
  • Have Insufficient Funds To Start Business? Acquire Them From Angel Investors:
  • Five Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Angel Investors:
  • Pursuing Angel Investors: What You Need to Know:
  • Six Tips on Taking Outside Investors:

Marketing & Social Media

  • 10 Tips To Get Repeat Web Traffic:
  • Five Keys to Success in Social Media:
  • Four Ways Leading Companies Are Using Social Media: Lessons For Us All:
  • 5 Important SEO Tactics To Help You Build Ranking:
  • 6 steps to creating a social media strategy:
  • PR for a Startup Should Not Start With an Agency:

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

  • How to Be the Next Google: Keys to Start-Up Success:
  • Successful Business Exit Strategies Important From The Very Start:
  • 5 key ingredients for startup success:
  • It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: The Exit Strategy:
  • 10 Brilliant Startups That Failed Because They Were Ahead Of Their Time:

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