Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News 

  • Budget bonus for Australian SMEs:
  • Five Thoughts On Tech Angel Investing In India:
  • The Colorado House of Representatives passed House Bill 1045, also known as the “angel investor tax credit”, on Friday:
  • Start-ups find their progress stalled by “valley of death”. The gap in New Zealand’s capital markets needs addressing:
  • Angel Investment Tax Credit Proposed for Pennsylvania:
  • 5 Ways Federal Government Can Boost Entrepreneurship:

Business Plans & Pitching

  • Harvard have put together a nice little tool that walks you through the process of writing an elevator pitch:
  • Video: Women for Hire CEO Tory Johnson on the steps to writing a business plan for a small business:
  • Startup Business Plan – How an Investor will Evaluate your Plan:
  • 10 Rules For Writing a Powerful Executive Summary:

Fund Raising

  • New tax breaks for US investors will make it easier for you to raise money for your business:
  • Five Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Getting Funded:
  • Raising Capital for Your Startup:

Marketing & Social Media

  • Using Social Media To Establish Your Brand Online:
  • PR for a Startup Should Not Start With an Agency:
  • 10 fantastic social media campaign videos you shouldn’t miss:
  • Different Types Of Sales and Marketing Headlines:
  • The Key Elements Of Internet Marketing Success:
  • 10 Catastrophic Marketing Mistakes and How To Avoid Making Them:
  • The Importance of SEO in Internet Marketing:

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

  • The keys to success in business:
  • How to Keep Your Startup From Acting Like a Big Company:
  • 10 Skills New Grads Must Have to Work at Startups:
  • 6 Business Startup Mistakes to Avoid:
  • What Angel Investors Don’t Want Entrepreneurs To Know:

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