Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News 

  • Private placements allow investors to participate in startups, but complaints are rising as small investors get burned:
  • A snapshot of which industries US angels have been investing since 2004:
  • Venture investments up slightly in first quarter in the US:
  • Post on defining Angel, Super Angel & Micro-VC: Investor Nomenclature & the Venture Spiral:
  • U expert sees growing investor interest in young companies:
  • An analysis of some well-known angels’ investment track record including Ron Conway, Reid Hoffman and Esther Dyson:

Business Plans & Pitching

  • Tips For Making Good Business Plans For Small Business:
  • 5 Tips for Talking to Investors. Make sure your growing company gets the funding it needs by perfecting your pitch:
  • Tailoring an Effective Elevator Pitch:
  • Pitching to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors: The Top Five Deal-Breakers:
  • 3 Trial Preparation Techniques to Boost Your Investor Pitch:
  • Elevator Pitch Basics:

Fund Raising

  • Angel investors offer advice to entrepreneurs on raising money (audio):
  • Tips from angel investor, Hemant Kanakia:
  • How to do market and competitor research that wins investment:
  • What Is The Ideal Seed Round Composition?
  • 10 Questions Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors Are Going To Ask:

Marketing & Social Media

  • 14 nice things you can do for your customers using social media:
  • The 7 Social Media Marketing Essentials for Brands:
  • Important PR Tips for Entrepreneurs:
  • Oops!: Five mistakes brands make when using social media:
  • 73 Essential Social Media & Tech Resources for Small Businesses:
  • 3 Tips on Starting Your Business Blog:

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

  • Entrepreneurship is source of job growth:
  • Why entrepreneurs are dumping US; Start-up Visa may help:
  • Five More Tips for Starter Uppers:
  • 4 Ways to Decrease your Startup Costs:
  • How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Startup:
  • 3 Things That Make A Startup Work- Eric Kuhn of The Founder’s Card:

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