Angel Investment Network’s Weekly Twitter Roundup

Angel Investment News

  • Venture capital report: financing trends continue to improve:
  • The state of early-stage funding in Australia:
  • Both China & the US have a “good environment” for entrepreneurs, according to Kaifu Lee, founder of Innovation Works:
  • New Zealand angels flying high, but more needed – venture fund chief:
  • StartUp Britain was launched, a scheme offering support & resources for startups or businesses looking to grow:
  • UK must do more to encourage start-up angels:
  • SPRING Singapore invested S$20m in 69 startups last year:

Business Plans & Pitching

  • Investor Pitch on a Napkin – The 7Ps of Elevator Presentations:
  • How to write a Business Plan of Success which guarantees the anticipated positive results:
  • Some quick tips on how to give the perfect investor pitch:
  • The 7 Sections Of A Business Plan:

Fund Raising

  • Some key areas that can be critical for companies to receive funding:
  • Finding Investors in your Start-Up. Tips from Richard Branson:
  • Raising Venture Money – 10 tips for success:
  • 50 Quick Tips on Raising Angel Funding – Part 1:
  • How to Find an Angel Investor for your Startup:

Marketing & Social Media

  • 2011 social media statistics show huge growth:
  • Why You Can’t Ignore Social Media:
  • 7 Reasons Why A Blog Is The Most Valuable Investment for Startups:
  • First Lesson in Search Engine Optimization:
  • A Business Marketing Strategy to Increase Business Profits:
  • The 5 Step Marketing Plan for Business Success:
  • Advertising on a Budget:
  • 10 Easy Ways to get Amazing PR for your startup: http: //

Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

  • Traits of a Modern Entrepreneur:
  • Sage Advice: 7 Entrepreneurs Share Their Words of Wisdom:
  • Why is it that so many good startup ideas never take off?
  • Why Startup Companies Shouldn’t Listen to Talk About the Recession and Charge Ahead:
  • 5 Key Bootstrapping Strategies:

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Fun Stuff

Animal behaviour experts handed out iPads to five apes in an experiment at Port Lympne wild animal park. They quickly learned to turn the screens on and off and seem fascinated by the colours and pictures.