The battle of trading robots -The Automated Trading Championship 2012

After every championship is over, the question among the traders is “what next”. At last it is again taking place and October 1, 2012 held the sixth Automated Trading Championship where there will be representatives of 59 countries that will participate. This Championship will be held from October 1st to December 28th in the year 2012 and the main aim of this entire program is to optimize automated trading and the mlq5 trading language. During these 3 months, you’ll get the opportunity to see how different trading systems can perform in different market conditions. You can also choose the best trading option among the lot and the trading techniques that are effective.

General provisions of the Automated Trading championship, 2012

Metaquotes Software Corp Company is serving as the main organizer of the Trading Championship and there are some other sponsors associated with the championship too. Alpari is the main sponsor, United World Capital Ltd. is the golden sponsor and RoboForexLP is the silver sponsor of the Automated Trading Championship 2012.bThe registration for this championship has begun on 4th Jun, 2012 and has closed on 21st September, 2012. The total prize money will consist of $80,000 where the winner will get $40,000, the second runner up will get $25,000 and the third runner up will get $15,000. The operations of the participants will be done with ‘virtual’ money and participation in the Championship is actually free.

Participant’s details

Have a look at the details of the participants of the Automated Trading championship of 2012.

  • Anyone who has crossed 16 years of age can participate in the Championship irrespective of his gender, professional affiliation and citizenship.
  • Former and present employees of the organizations that are sponsoring like Alpari and their family members are restricted from participating.
  • Registration is mandatory for anyone to participate in the Championship.
  • The participants are required to register once only. If it is found out that someone registers his friends and relatives, he will be disqualified.
  • Using anonymous proxies to make multiple registrations will also not be entertained and the person will immediately be disqualified.
  • The participant should also agree to offer correct and valid information about him and anyone who is found lying will be soon disqualified.
  • Someone who participates in the Championship will demonstrate a full agreement with the terms and conditions without any kind of exceptions.

The traders are all waiting for the result and the consequences of the Automated Trading Championship, 2012.