Infographic: 35 Startup Buzzwords Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Angel, freemium, MVP, value proposition — there are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around in the startup world. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to know, understand and sparingly use them.

Entitled “The Founder’s Dictionary,” and jammed packed with a ton of buzzwords I have heard in boardrooms and coffee shops, the infographic was created to uncover “the true meanings” of these terms.

Take this one with a grain — no, a tub — of salt, folks. This infographic isn’t what it seems to be at first sight. While it would be awesome to have a dictionary for these terms, this resource actually pokes fun at the mysterious origins and definitions of these oft-used buzzwords.

Yes, it is important to know what these buzzwords mean — and to know whennot to use them — but don’t source your definitions from this comedic infographic. You may, instead, want to check out Quora, where a thorough thread of annoying startup buzzwords can be found.

This production is, though, a comical glimpse into the world of entrepreneurial word play.


Which startup buzzwords have you heard flying around the office? Share them in the comments below.