Startup essentials: Why you need a robust shareholder and founder agreement

In our latest Startup essentials article, we discuss the importance of having a robust shareholder and founder agreement in place. With founder fall outs all too common, Helen Goldberg, COO at our partner Legal Edge gives you the lowdown on what needs to be covered in this essential agreement.

You’re busy building and growing a business, so shareholder and founder agreements are often deprioritised, forgotten or overlooked while you’re deep in product development or GTM strategy. While you may opt for a verbal agreement and trust in long-term commitment, it is essential to have formal agreements in place when working with co-founders and investors. read more

Startup Essentials: Understanding Your Buyer Persona: A Startup’s Secret Weapon in the Digital Age 

AIN recently collaborated with our partner HubSpot for Startups to deliver a webinar focusing on Understanding Your Buyer Persona. As part of our Startup Essentials series, we give you the lowdown.

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, startups face a constant struggle: cutting through the noise and reaching the right customers. In this world buyer personas are a powerful tool. But what exactly are they, and why are they so crucial for a startup’s success?

Buyer Personas: Demystifying Your Ideal Customer read more

Dragon Slayer: how to get funded faster with less time-wasting and pain

A recent Angel Investment Network webinar heard from investment experts Dan Kirby from Founders Are Mental and Tom Moore from Tucker Capital on how to get funded faster with less time-wasting and pain

One of the key take outs was that investors aren’t just looking for a promising product or service – they’re looking for the right leader. Your “unfair advantage” is that unique combination of skills, experience, or background that makes you the perfect person to spearhead your startup’s mission. read more

Startup essentials: How to structure your cap table

Over the next few months, with the assistance of our expert partners, we will explore the essential factors that all startups seeking funding need to consider. This will include organising your finances, conducting due diligence, and implementing growth hacking strategies.

First up, Guy Kaufman, Startup Lead at Vestd. He gives us the lowdown on understanding cap tables, a visual representation of your company’s ownership that becomes more crucial and complicated as your startup grows.

New businesses pop up every day, many with their eyes on the prize of a lucrative exit. Even in uncertain economic times, we’ve seen companies like Loom, Uber, and Airbnb rise to the top. read more

Founder mental health: Interview with Dan Kirby

In the latest article in our Founder Mental Health series, AIN sits down with seasoned entrepreneur Dan Kirby, the exited founder of renowned digital agency The Tech Dept, and host of the widely acclaimed business podcast, “Honey I Blew Up the Business.” 

Dan is the founder of the new wellness program ‘Founders Are Mental’ and in this revealing and honest interview he talks to AIN about the intricacies of his entrepreneurial path — from immense success to burnout to now finding new balance and prioritising mental health.  read more